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We’re a Local Marietta, GA Veterinary Clinic with BIG Goals

Every day, our team provides the best medicine to every patient, supports every staff member, and helps find homes for Georgia’s homeless pets.

Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is proud to partner with the Homeless Pets Foundation to help animals in need find loving homes across Georgia. The clinic recognizes the importance of animal welfare and is committed to providing exceptional veterinary care for pets in need. Through their partnership with the HPF, Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is able to support the rescue and rehabilitation of homeless animals and provide them with the necessary medical attention and care they need to thrive.

In addition to caring for our greater-Marietta patients, at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, our mission is to provide compassionate care and unwavering dedication to finding loving homes for every stray dog and cat, ensuring they experience the happiness and security they deserve.

Our History

Vet Holding a Dog

Serving our community for over 44 years, Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is your premier destination for quality veterinary care in the greater Marietta, GA area. We are proud to offer a complete range of services for all your pet care needs, from preventative caresurgery, and medicine to complete boarding and grooming services for your dog or cat.

Dr. Phil Good and the entire staff of compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing the best care for your beloved animal companion. We understand that your pet is a member of your family, and we treat them with the same love and attention that we would give our own pets.

Join the Beyond Pets Family

Are you looking for a new veterinary clinic for your sweet pup or your fancy feline? Look no further than Beyond Pets Animal Hospital! We provide top-notch medical care for dogs and cats, and we’re always happy to welcome new patients into the Beyond Pets family.

At Beyond Pets, we understand that your pet is a member of your family, and we treat them with the same compassionate care we would give our four-legged family. We offer a wide range of services, from routine check-ups and vaccinations to more complex medical procedures. And our experienced staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s health.

So why wait? Come by Beyond Pets Animal Hospital today and meet our friendly staff.

Latest Beyond Pets News

🎄 Welcome to December at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital! ❄️ As we step into this festive month, we're thrilled to celebrate every moment with our wonderful clients and their adorable pets. It's a time for joy, care, and special moments, and we're excited to share them all with you! 🚀 Big News: Our Renovation is Almost Complete! We're putting the final touches on our state-of-the-art facility, and can't wait to unveil it. Mark your calendars: Soft Opening on December 11th: Come and see the fantastic new upgrades and enhancements we've made to serve you and your pets better. A Refreshed Space: Our renovated space is designed to ensure comfort, efficiency, and the highest standard of pet care. 💫 We're counting down the days to our soft opening and look forward to welcoming you to our new and improved Beyond Pets Animal Hospital. Keep an eye on our social media for sneak peeks and updates! Thank you for being part of our journey. Here's to a December filled with health, happiness, and wagging tails! #WelcomeDecember #BeyondPetsRenovation #SoftOpening #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #MariettaVet #HappyHolidays Show Less


🐕‍🦺 Post-Holiday Health Focus at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital: Addressing Dog Obesity 🍗🎄 As we wind down from the holiday festivities, it's important to turn our attention to a common issue that may have crept up for our furry friends: Dog Obesity. The holidays often mean extra treats and perhaps a little less exercise for our pets. While a bit of indulgence is okay, it's crucial to get back on track to prevent obesity, which can lead to serious health problems like diabetes, joint issues, and heart disease. Here's how to tackle it: Balanced Diet: Review your dog’s diet and ensure it's well-balanced and appropriate for their age, breed, and size. Regular Exercise: Incorporate regular walks and playtime to keep them active. Portion Control: Be mindful of portion sizes and cut back on high-calorie treats. Regular Vet Check-ups: Monitor your pet’s weight and health regularly with professional help. 👉 For more detailed information and tips on managing and preventing obesity in dogs, check out our article: Remember, Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is here to guide you with personalized nutrition and exercise plans. Call us at 770-971-1556 to schedule a consultation. #DogObesity #PostHolidayHealth #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #MariettaVet #HealthyPets


😄 It's Time for a Pet Joke at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital! We love starting our day with a smile, and what better way than sharing a fun, pet-inspired joke with our amazing pet community? 🐶🐔🎉 Here's our joke for the day: Q: What do you get if you breed a cocker spaniel with a poodle and a rooster? A: A cockerpoodlepoo! We know, we know - it's a bit of a tongue twister, but it's all in good fun! While we might not come across any cockerpoodlepoos, we do love all the unique and wonderful pet personalities that come through our doors. 🐾 Whether your pet is a purebred, a delightful mix, or a unique mystery blend, we're here to ensure they receive the best care. For all things pet health, or even just a good laugh, Beyond Pets Animal Hospital is your go-to place. Call us at 770-971-1556 for your pet care needs. #PetHumor #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #MariettaVet #HealthyPets #Cockerpoodlepoo


🐾 Understanding Diabetes in Dogs: A Key Health Topic from Beyond Pets Animal Hospital 🩺🐕 Today, we're addressing an important health issue that affects many dogs: Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes in dogs is a condition where the body can’t use glucose normally, leading to high blood sugar levels. Early detection and management are crucial for your dog's well-being. Key signs to watch for include: Increased Thirst and Urination: A noticeable increase in water consumption and more frequent urination. Weight Loss: Despite having a normal or increased appetite. Lethargy: Your dog may appear less active or tired more often. Management involves: Regular Vet Visits: For monitoring and treatment adjustments. Diet and Exercise: A balanced diet and regular exercise are vital. Insulin Therapy: Many diabetic dogs require daily insulin injections. 👩‍⚕️ To learn more about the signs, treatments, and management of diabetes in dogs, read our comprehensive article: Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs. And remember, we're here to support you and your pet every step of the way. If you have concerns or need assistance, contact Beyond Pets Animal Hospital at 770-971-1556. #DogDiabetes #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #MariettaVet #HealthyPets #PetHealthAwareness


🐾 Big Hearts at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital: Supporting Homeless Pets Foundation! 🏠🐶🐱 Today, we want to shine a spotlight on a cause very close to our hearts – the Homeless Pets Foundation, located right inside our clinic. At Beyond Pets Animal Hospital, we're not just about caring for pets; we're deeply committed to finding loving homes for animals in need. The Homeless Pets Foundation, championed by Dr. Good, continues Dr. Michael Good's mission to provide care, shelter, and a second chance to homeless pets. What makes the Homeless Pets Foundation special: Direct Care: Our staff works hands-on with these animals every day, providing medical care, love, and attention. Finding Forever Homes: We strive to match each pet with the perfect family, ensuring a lifetime of love and care. Community Involvement: The foundation offers numerous ways for the community to get involved, from adoption to donations. 👉 Learn more about the Homeless Pets Foundation and how you can help at Whether you're looking to adopt, volunteer, or donate, your support makes a world of difference. #HomelessPetsFoundation #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #AdoptDontShop #DrGood #PetAdoption


🐕‍🦺 It's Laugh O'Clock at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital! We're back with another fun pet joke to add a little wag to your day. 🤣🐾 Here’s our joke of the day: Q: What type of markets do dogs avoid? A: Flea markets! While our furry friends might steer clear of flea markets, we sure don't steer clear of keeping them flea-free! Remember, regular flea prevention is key to keeping your pets happy and itch-free. 🚫🐜 If you need advice on the best flea prevention methods or products for your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Keeping your pets flea-free is no joke to us at Beyond Pets Animal Hospital. Call us at 770-971-1556 for all your pet care needs. #PetHumor #BeyondPetsAnimalHospital #MariettaVet #HealthyPets #FleaFreePets


Latest from the Homeless Pets Foundation

🩵 David is a gorgeous young man, with crystal blue eyes and a beautiful muted-brindle coat that’s soft as a bunny! He’s a young boy born in August of 2022. David is a happy and vibrant pup that loves to play! He’s a peppy puppy that has lots of energy to share! David’s jovial and spunky personality will bring much life into his new home! 🏡 For more information on David please visit the attached link, 🩵 🧡 💚 #adoptionsaveslives #adoptionsaveslives🐾 #homelesspetsfoundation #shelterbowtieproject #homelesspetsfoundationofatlanta #dogs #dogsofinstagram #adoptadog #was #smyrna #marietta #adoptableanimals #adopt #rescuenotretail #rescuesofinstagram🐾


Adopt or Foster beautiful Pearl! 🩷 Pearl is a stunning young lady, who is only 2.5 years old. She is such a sweet girl, with the most captivating and soulful eyes! 😻 Pearl will absolutely fill a house with love, love and more love! 💕 This precious, and very pretty princess, is ready and waiting for her fairy tail to begin! 🏰. For more information on Pearl/ please visit the attached link, 🩷 🩵 💚 #homelesspetsfoundation #homelesspetsfoundationofatlanta #homelesspetsfoundationmarietta #catsofinstagram #cats #rescuesofinstagram #adoptionsaveslives🐾 #smyrna #adoptionsaveslives #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #rescuenotretail #adoptableanimals #adoptakittytoday #adoptakitty #mariettaga #adoptacat #prettyprettyprincess #prettyprettyprincess👑 #shelterbowtieproject


You read it right! 🎉 We raised 10% of our goal in a mere 24 hours!! Now we present you with a challenge... let's DOUBLE IT! If we can reach $4000 before the end of the week (December 3rd), we will be giving away 10 custom-designed HPF MUGS! All donations from November 20th to December 3rd will be included in the drawing. ☕❤🐾 We hope to reach our full goal of $20,000 before 2024 so we can begin construction ASAP. We appreciate all the support from our community in helping us kickstart this project. Please continue to share us with your friends and family to help us reach our goal by 2024! 💌 🩵 🧡 ♥️ 💚


We've raised our first $1000 today! If all of our followers donated just $1, we would reach over 75% of our goal, meaning EVERY dollar counts... Please continue sharing us with your friends and family! 🩵 🧡 ♥️ #givingtuesday #GAgives #givingseason #fundraiser #fundraisingcampaign #animalshelter #pleasehelp


Happy Giving Tuesday!! We will be updating donations all day on our story! Please share to help us reach our goal❤️🐾 🩵 🧡 ♥️ #givingback #fundraisingcampaign #pleasehelp #GivingTuesdaycampaign #givingtuesday #fundraisingchallenge #GivingBack #animalshelter #renovate #renovationproject


🧡 It’s Giving Tuesday! 🧡 Homeless Pets is hoping to renovate our shelter. Our shelter has housed countless ‘Homeless Pets’ and our goal is to continue to save pets today for their tomorrow! We are starting a fundraiser to kick off this mission on improving their bridge to furrever on this Giving Tuesday. 🩵 🧡 ♥️ #givingtuesday #GivingBack #GivingTuesdaycampaign #fundraisingcampaign #fundraisingchallenge #givingback #animalshelter #GivingBack #pleasehelp #renovationproject #renovate #renovation


Our Founder

Michael Paul Good, our beloved founder, passed away from a heart attack on May 29th, 2021.

For over 40 years, Michael Good was a fearless advocate for animal rescue – using numerous resources and large volumes of his time to promote, pursue, and create the change needed to save thousands of animals’ lives that would otherwise be euthanized.

Through the two organizations’ work, thousands of animals have been adopted, and many saved from euthanasia.

Learn more about Dr. Michael Good

Devoted to Animal Rescue

We are passionate about animal rescue and work tirelessly to help as many animals as possible, rehabilitating and finding them new homes. We understand that not every animal can be rescued, but we make it our mission to do everything possible to help as many pets as possible. Our years of experience and dedication ensure that each animal gets the best possible care.

Sick Pet?

We offer sick pet services that ensure you and your pet can be seen promptly. We understand that when your pet is not feeling well, you need assistance as soon as possible. We aim to get your pet the medical attention they need as soon as possible to start feeling better.

Friendly Staff

Beyond Pets Animal Hospital has a friendly staff that cares for you and your pet, and we’re always willing to answer any questions you may have. We truly care about the welfare of your pet and we’ll do everything we can to ensure they receive the best possible care.