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Dr. Good on the Rachel Ray Show

Dr. Good on the Rachel Ray Show

Everyone knows Rachael’s baby is her pit bull, Isaboo, and that rescuing dogs is near and dear to her heart. Enter Dr. Michael Good of The Homeless Pets Foundation in Marietta, Georgia. He’s made it his life’s mission to rescue over 15,000 forgotten animals with his “Underhound Railroad,” and he’s just getting started.

More dogs were coming into Dr. Good’s shelter than going out, so he created the Underhound Railroad to help dogs in the south who are about to be put down find loving homes in the northeast. “The dogs that get on my Underhound Railroad come from puppy mills, dog fighting, I find them driving home down the street and we take them,” says Dr. Good. “This is the solution right now because so many dogs can be helped quickly.”

As a thank you, and to help Dr. Good with expenses, Rachael’s Rescue gifted him with $25,000! His reaction? Priceless! Check out the video to see it.

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