1. Sewing: If you sew, knit, or do any type of needlework you should have the entire thread, yarn, twine, ribbon, and needles put away and never leave them out.

2. Waste administration. Either use lined wastebaskets or have them inside a cupboard.

3. Toilet Paper. How many images have you ever seen of kittens unspooling bathroom paper? To prevent this, have the bathroom paper unwind from beneath or use a dispenser with a canopy.

4. Keep the Toilet Lid Down. Believe it or not, kittens might be drawn to the sound of working water in the bathroom, fall in, and drown. I had this occur to a consumer’s kitten early in my profession. Keep the lid down.

5. Remove all Toxic Plants Please do not keep lilies. Visit the ASPCA Pet Poison Control web site for extra.

6. Take Breakables off the Shelf. Kittens like to climb, leap and clear shelfs and cabinets of ornamental gadgets. Either transfer them, or use a product like QuakeHold (I purchased it at Amazon) to store it.

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