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Flea & Tick Medication

Although there are many flea & tick, heartworm, and intestinal parasite preventatives available, due to increased resistance of fleas against commonly-used preventatives and the increasing tick population in the Southeast, Town & Country Veterinary Clinic has compiled recommendations for preventing & treating external parasites on your dog or cat.

Canine Flea & Tick Medication Preventatives

Recommended protocol for active, inside/outside dogs:

For inside dogs that briefly walk outside around the neighborhood (aren’t exposed to ticks), we recommend:

Feline Flea & Tick Medication Preventatives

For all cats, to protect against most internal and external parasites, we recommend:

You can find these and many other products on our online pharmacy by clicking here.

For a list of all current flea medications (as of July 2013), please see the below flyer: